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My name is Danny E. I’m a security professional with a Special Operations background, where I gained a lot of experience traveling to some of the worst places in the planet. This experience and later the travel I did for my work in the security field, have introduced me to better ways of safely traveling, and a chance to work on reducing my overall signature, or, in other words, what I project out for others to see. This has given me the opportunity to experiment and learn how to move more safely in urban environments around the world, streamlining the things I carry along the way. I learned to read the cities, adapt my behavior, focusing on addressing any potential threats.

Urban Commuter was born out of this experience. In this site, I'll try my best to talk about what I have learned, how I approach blending in with the environment in order to be safer, and what gear might be best to remain nimble and move fast.

Urban Commuter

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