Streamlining and Optimizing the Urban Commute


A Better Way to Think About the Commute

Urban Commuter was born out of my experience over years of commuting and traveling. I have been consistently streamlining, and reducing what I carry on my daily commute, in order to make it easier and less stressful. I’m always thinking about how to be lighter, more agile, and remain fluid in a crowded urban environment. The more I do this, and share it with friends and co-workers, the more they ask me to help them with their commute approach. Questions often focus around the things to carry, the packs to get, and how to pack all the stuff. However, the most asked questions are always about the mindset: how to think ahead, and how to take on the commuting to an urban environment, thinking about the challenges and security.

Urban Commuter is the result of this, and it will explore how to streamline the way you commute, how you think about and organize your commute and the things you carry, and how to have a mindset of relax awareness in order to be safer. I will talk about remaining nimble, and moving fast, having always the things you need to make your commute better.

I hope the posts on Urban Commuter will cause you to stop, reassess and optimize.

About the Author

My name is Danny E. I’m a security professional with a couple of decades of experience in all domains of security. After serving in a special operations unit, I had a brief, but intense, executive protection gig, where I gained a lot of experience traveling to some of the worst places in the world. This experience, and later, my work as a security professional, where I traveled to cities around the world, helping the top tech companies be more secure, introduced me to better ways of flying, traveling and safely commuting within those cities.

I commute to work every day, and I see a lot of similarities between international traveling and everyday commute. Applying all I’ve learned over the years, has made my commute better and safer.

About the Logo

The logos for the Urban Commuter were created by Sosh and Brian Green. They represent the right mindset, having situational awareness for safety, while moving fluidly and commuting to the urban environment.