The New Site

Welcome back.

In mid 2020 I closed the Urban Commuter due to COVID and the lack of commuting. I simply didn't have anything to write about. For a short while the blog content was archived by a friend on his website. He mentioned that he saw an increased number of people asking about the Urban Commuter, and related topics. This made me think a bit, and I thought that maybe I should reopen the blog. And well, here we are.

This time is going to be a bit different. The focus will not be solely on commuting, but rather the urban environment, safety and security across different situations, and the need to remain light. Yes, these topics were already there to begin with, but I will focus more on living is cities, traveling to and from them, and general awareness tips. I’ll start by posting some of the original content, with some changes, and then jump to new one.

Thanks for reading!