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This page contains the links to content and companies that are relevant to the blog.


ITS Tactical
A great collection of tips for safety and urban commuting

The Brooks Review
Writing about remote work, backpacks and general topics

Confessions of an Idiot
Andy Stumpf lay it down like it is. Great read

Brian’s Backpacking Blog
Tips about backpacking and great outdoors

Modern Adversary
Mindset and the right approach to doing security

Discover better ways to carry your stuff

Urban Carry
It’s about how you carry your stuff


US made backpacks
Perfect for the city

Crossover packs
Streamlined and low key

Outdoors and urban high quality gear

Arc’teryx Veilance
High end technical urban clothing for the commute

Combining technical performance with office ready looks

Triple Aught Design
Field clothing and gear meets discreet looks

Olivers Apparel
Premium athletic staples reimagined for the 21st century


Protection Circle
Counter surveillance and situational awareness

CP Journal
Get left of the bang and gain situational awareness

Advanced Capabilities Group
It pays the bills…. It’s my day job and enables me to travel


Warriors Heart
Supporting veterans with PTSD and Addiction issues

Cleared Hot Podcast
A podcast about many things, mainly leadership, and stuff

James Eilers
Designer, photographer, reviewer and veteran

CC Chapman
The “real” most interesting man in the world

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