Review: GORUCK MACV-1 Boots


This is the long overdue review of the GORUCK MACV-1 boots.

The MACV-1 boots are designed to move fast and smooth. GORUCK designed them primarily for rucking, but they are surprisingly comfortable as an everyday pair as well. The boots are modeled after the Vietnam-era jungle boots, with a combination of leather and Cordura as their main fabrics. The boots are incredibly lightweight, and the wide toe box make them really comfortable.



The Good

The boots are incredibly low key, super light, very breathable, and easy to care for. They feature drain holes to allow water to escape, and a speed lacing system that allows for quick on-off wherever you are. The soles are soft, and absorb a lot of the impacts on the urban environment.



The Not So Good

The breathability comes at the cost that these are not so good on a cold northeast winter day. The soles’ pattern make them a little slippery on wet concrete or other urban terrain. And, even though GORUCK states that there is no break-in period, the laces and tongue had to move and mold to my feet for a few days before they were comfortable. They had a few pressure points. But your milage might vary.


I’ve been wearing mine for over 6 months, across multiple timezones and climates. They blend in on large urban environments due to their low key appearance and color. Although they show signs of wear, they are holding very well.

I think GORUCK did a great job for this first iteration of their footwear. I’m sure some lessons-learned will be applied to their next versions, as they always do with their gear, but the MACV-1s are a good pair to have in your kit if you are looking for boots that can adapt to many situations.