Review: Bluffworks Threshold Performance Tshirt

I am a big fan of Bluffworks. I already reviewed their Chinos, and when they launched their tshirt line, it was a matter of checking out the description, and see the fit. I was sold. So, after wearing the shirts for several weeks, here it is, the review of the Bluffworks Threshold Performance Tshirt.

© Bluffworks

Tshirts are easy to screw up. They are simple garment, needed on everyone’s wardrobe, that can be worn as a base layer under a shirt or sweater, or as its own piece. The look and feel are key. Bluffworks took this concept and run with a blend of fabrics (66% Polyester, 29% Lyocell, 5% Elastane to be precise) that provides not only an awesome next-to-skin feel, but it makes the fabric naturally wrinkle resistant, and moisture wicking. For an added bonus, it has a UPF 50+ sun protection.

I was looking for synthetic tshirts that can be worn under different conditions, and are easy to care for, so I decided to buy two tshirts. I got them in slim fit, a more suitable fit for the city. They are quickly becoming my go to pieces when layering, or on casual Fridays. The trim fit is great for looking casual, yet “well dressed”. If you combine it with the right pants and jackets, it’s a winning piece. Below you can see it combined with a pair of Bluffworks Travel Jeans (a review is coming up, but suffice it to say they are the best pair of jeans I have ever owned).

I recently had to travel to Europe for a week, and I took one of the shirts. I wore it 5 out of the 6 days I was there, either layered under a button down shirt, or in the evenings on the bar. It never smelled, it always looked sharp, and I didn’t feel sweaty after the flights.

The city can be a hot place in the summer, so I’m looking forward to trying it there as well. I’m sure it will perform. So far, on those rainy semi-sticky days of spring in New York City, the Threshold tshirts have been a saving garment.

So, would I buy more? Yes. Would I recommend them? Yes. Do yourself a favor and add a couple of these to your wardrobe, they will not disappoint.