Review: ITS Tactical Nylon Zip Bags

As part of my philosophy, and as posted before, I carry very little while commuting (and traveling in general). One of the things that help keep packing to a minimum is organization and modularity. This is why I like to organize my stuff in pouches, for easy packing, better way of transferring my gear between backpacks, and the ability to quickly discard or add stuff when needed.

If you check the resources section, you can see that I’m a big fan of ITS Tactical. Their collection of posts, reviews and gear is one of the best I’ve seen out there. There is always something new to learn, and when it comes to safety, and awareness for commuting or traveling, there is always a good piece where the staff at ITS Tactical goes above and beyond to explain the problems and solutions.

Recently, they released their collection of Tactical Nylon Zip Bags, and I thought I would give them a try. The different sizes they have are almost a perfect match for what I needed for my gear. And while I was there, I picked one of their EDC Trauma Kits, to replace my aging one.

The 3 pouches packing with my stuff.

I picked the full set in black: a standard pouch, a skinny, and a mini. Built in the USA, they feature sewn webbing handles on each side to facilitate opening the pouches, but also enables these pouched to be attached to carabiners if needed. I like the feature. Above you can see the three of them packed with my stuff.

I use the mini to keep both my electronic tools in the roll, and my E&E tools (check the What to Carry post for contents). The size is perfect, and this is one of the pouches I need to keep small. These are emergency items, so if I need to grab them and ditch the rest, it’s good to have it sized down so it can fit on a front pocket of a pair of jeans. The smaller size also means that I can grab it and drop it on my smaller pack, a 6L backpack.

The skinny pouch contains my cables and chargers. Its longer shape is perfect for this, where cables can be spread perfectly inside the pouch, while the thickness of the pouch remains thin and low key. Again, easy to shove this little pouch on even the smallest of the packs I have.

Finally, the biggest of the pouches, the standard one. I use it to hold both my EDC Trauma Kit, and the extra tourniquet I always carry. Today, there is no reason not to have medical items with you, they can save your and someone else’s life. ITS Tactical has one of the best and simplest EDC medical kits, but again, this is not a boo boo kit. This one aims to stop bleeding, and it does it well. If you haven’t had any training with this, I recommend you learn and practice before getting one of these.

I have taken these pouches in my backpack for a few week already, and they just disappear until you need them. And when you do, they perform. They are simple, built with quality materials, and provide you with endless service.

The Mini pouch on the top pocket of a GORUCK Echo

The Skinny and Standard pouches on the main compartment of the GORUCK Echo

If you are like me and you are always looking for better options to organize your stuff and remain agile and fast, go grab a few of these pouches. They are simply awesome.