Review: Bluffworks Chinos

One of the most important things is to be comfortable. Especially during times when weather can turn wet. Like I mentioned before, having the right clothing that can help remain dry, and continue with your commute and work day in a better way is key.
Traditional dress pants, slacks, or chinos can look good, and they are a staple on a men’s wardrobe, however, when it comes to performance or comfort, they don’t often deliver. Enter Bluffworks, and their ready for anything Chinos. Bluffworks specializes in urban and travel clothing that looks like traditional pieces, but they perform at a higher level. The company make pants, blazers, and shirts specifically designed for commuting, world travel, and an active lifestyle.

© Bluffworks


The Bluffworks Chinos combine a tailored office-ready look with technical performance. They used a fabric that is quick drying and wrinkle-resistant, adding extra features to the pants that will provide the urban commuter or traveller, with mobility oriented construction (such as gusseted crotch and stretch fabrics) and safety features (such as hidden zippered pockets for wallets and other valuables). These pants look great with a button shirt and a jacket, giving you the traditional urban business look, with the added value of comfort, easy of care, and weather ready. In my book, this was something I needed to try.

I bought a couple of them in a tailored fit, the perfect fit the corporate world in the USA and Europe.

© Bluffworks

© Bluffworks

The pants tailored fit, coupled with the easy of care, was key for me. I often go to meetings and I have to look the part. On the other hand, the train commute, the weather and the walking in the city might make any pair of dressy pants look out of shape, so knowing that the fabric used in these Chinos could take the abuse was great.

Ready to Go

I wore them - both the charcoal and the stone (light gray) color - every day for over 6 months. Across multiple time zones and weather types. They always look ready to go. The plus side is that on days where I could wear casual clothing when going to the office, these pants also look good. They didn’t look out of place with a tshirt and fleece.

© Bluffworks

© Bluffworks

The feature I found a bit in a way is the inner pocket inside the right front pocket. Sometimes it gets in the way of the phone, or other larger things. But, given that I love these pants and that they perform, even after several washes, it’s a little thing that I learned to not notice.

Speaking of washing, these pants are so easy to care for, it’s ridiculous. Throw them in the wash, remove them promptly when they are ready, hang to dry, or dry them in low heat and you are ready to go.
A few times while commuting to NYC, I was caught up on a sudden downpour, or a snow storm, and while the pants did get wet eventually (though it took some time for them to get to that point), they dried very quickly once I arrived in the office. Really good stuff.



Bluffworks is making some really good pieces of techwear. I’m a big fan, owning also some of their shirts, blazers and jeans (review soon too!). The attention to details of their design team is simply amazing, with each different garment style really building on the traditional pieces, but adding the modern feature needed for a more comfortable commute and travel.

I plan to buy a few more things from them.